Why does the gearbox need to change oil

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Time: 2019-01-09
Summary: Why does the gearbox need to change oil What is gearbox What is gearbox oil Why Change Gearbox Oil How to Carry out Conventional Vehicle Maintenance How to Replace Gearbox Oil

Why does the gearbox need to change oil

We know that our car is divided into four parts: body, chassis, electronic equipment and engine. Then the chassis and engine play a vital role in performance.

What is gearbox

The gearbox is a part of the transmission system. The internal gears rotate at high speed to transmit power. Therefore, gear oil is needed to lubricate, cool, clean and prevent corrosion.


What is gearbox oil

Gearbox oil is an oil product that keeps the gearshift system clean. It can ensure the normal operation of the gearbox and prolong the service life of the transmission device.

How to Carry out Conventional Vehicle Maintenance

Replace oil filters, fuel filters, air filters and gasoline, oil, brake oil, gearbox oil, booster oil, coolant and glass water.


Why Change Gearbox Oil

After long-term use, the gearbox will be oxidized at high temperature, the viscosity and antioxidant performance of the gearbox oil will decline, thus failing to meet the oil standard, resulting in slippage of the clutch and accelerating its wear and tear. Moreover, the sludge impurities produced during the use of the gearbox will accelerate the wear of the gearbox and shorten the service life of the gearbox. Secondly, we know that all oils used have a shelf life. Mineral oils are synthetic oils for three years and five years.Generally, the quality guarantee period of the original oil distribution is about three years in the gearbox. So we have to replace the transmission oil to ensure the service life of the gearbox when we drive 40,000 kilometers in two years.You know what? The service life of automatic transmission depends on the use skill + maintenance + use environment. Maintenance costs are about one-tenth of the cost of repairing gearboxes. If your car is not always replaced but accompanied by you for a longer time, I suggest you pay attention to us to gain more knowledge.

How to Replace Gearbox Oil

In the traditional way of oil change, we just go there is relatively simple, open the chassis for oil change. However, at least one third of the oil is stuck in the gearbox, and the mud impurities in the gearbox can not be cleaned well. Our ATF8100 product can help you clean the gearbox completely and operate easily. It can automatically circulate and clean oil tank, exchange old and new oil equally, add new oil quantitatively and recover old oil. It can also automatically empty new and old oil barrels and calibrate them by electronic weighing one key.


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