Car brake system oil changing machine Brake oil changer brake fluid equipment

Group Brake System Flush Machine
Min. Order 1 set
Terms of Payment L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
Update Time 2019-03-20
Item specifics
Filter accuracy5 µm
Working noise<70db
New cans5L
Old cans10L
The tubing2.5m
Back to the suction pipe4.5m

Using high-precision weighing sensor metering, the full intelligent computer board precise hole change oil, one person change oil, four rounds simultaneously pumping oil, can quickly complete the oil change work, saving time and effort. The pipeline is made of professional custom tubing to avoid corrosion. The interior is modular in design and has a very low failure rate. High-precision equal exchange of old and new oil, how much new oil is added to extract old oil, to avoid air entering the brake system.

Product Features

1. Automatic oil change function, can achieve a key automatic oil change.

2. LCD display, user-friendly operation, convenient and practical.

3. Vacuum strong suction of the old liquid, liquid back quickly.

4. Full intelligent computer board, imported electronic components, performance and stability.

5. Special customized quick connector, the first in the industry, long service life of high-end quality.

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Voltage:DC 12V

Pressure gauges:0-1.6Mpa

Vacuum gauge:-0.1-0Mpa

Maximum power:150W

New oil drum:5L

Outlet pipe2.5m

Old oil drum:10L

Gross weight:38kg

Extraction tube:4.5m

Net weight:30kg



Products compared to peer advantage

1. Automatic identification of positive negative power supply

2. Full intelligent computer board, imported electronic components

3. LCD display, user-friendly operation, convenient and practical

4. Electronic scale one-key calibration

5. Vacuum pumping old liquid, the effect of liquid return is clear at a glance

6. Filter design at the oil inlet.

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Based on a new design concept, integrated automatic transmission oil change, automatic transmission oil adjustment and automatic transmission cleaning. Its microcomputer, liquid crystal display, membrane keyboard operation, electronic scale weighing, easy operation, high degree of automation and stable function.

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3. Quality service

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More details

Shenzhen Zeayeto Automotive Technology Co., Ltd is a professional technology company dedicated to the independent research, development, production and sales of professional maintenance equipment for automobiles.The company has a professional research and development and production technology team, and established a sound sales network in the country, for the brand partners to provide quality car maintenance equipment and professional services.Our products include: transmission cleaning equipment, brake cleaning equipment, lubrication system cleaning equipment, cooling system cleaning equipment, nozzle cleaning equipment, cold media cleaning equipment and nitrogen system cleaning equipment, air conditioning cleaning equipment.We obtain the market by the quality, obtains the customer trust by the service!Our mission: to provide quality maintenance equipment for your car.

More details

1.What is the biggest feature of ABS-201?

High-precision oil change to avoid air entering the brake system.

2.What is the main function of ABS-201?

Automatic new and old oil exchange, quantitatively adding new oil, quantitatively recovering old oil, and automatically emptying old and new oil drums

3.Why do we need to change the brake fluid?

When the car brakes for a long time, the temperature of the brake system rises, the brake pipe is prone to generate air resistance, and the air is compressed, thereby causing a decrease in braking force or a failure of braking. Therefore, for your driving safety, the brake fluid must be replaced regularly.

4. Precautions during use.

Do not use the wrong oil;

Check if the oil level is normal after changing the oil;

Avoid risks, check the car before changing oil;

After the oil change, you must conduct a road test to deliver the car and avoid all mistakes.

5.How long does it take for the entire oil change process?

The entire oil change process is around 20~30 minutes.

6.What type of car can use your service?

All petrol, diesel or LPG vehicles trucks buses.

7.Which language handles the LCD display?

It has multiple languages built in, you can switch between various modes at will.