Multi-function car engine clean machine carbon clean decarbonizer machine

Group Car Carbon Cleaning Machine
Min. Order 1 set
Terms of Payment L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
Update Time 2019-11-21
Item specifics
Filter accuracy:5 µm
Working noise<70db
Display precision2 million pixels
Endoscope accuracy1.3 million pixels
Foamed pipe2.5m
Return pipe2.5m

Product Introduction:

The model TD-501 Engine depth carbon removal washing machine developed by our company, combining with the most effective carbon remover, is the best machine to dislodge the engine fouling.  It can be combined with regular vehicle maintenance and special carbon removal repairs and no need to disassemble the engine. It can clean carbon for five engine system parts: Three way catalytic converter, combustion chamber, fuel system, spark plug and intake valve. But it’s work needs the special cleaning agent for carbon cleaning, so during the process there will be some chemical gases exhaust through the pipe.



Model Number


Product Name

Engine carbon cleaning machine


DC 12V

Rated Power


Working Pressure

0-1.6 Mpa





Package Dimension


Ambient temperature range


Endoscope Pixel

1.3 millions


Wooden case

Working medium

Chemical cleaning agent


Gasoline car engines


Car engine carbon clean




Other car care product


The cause of carbon increased:

There are many reasons for increased carbon deposition: incomplete combustion, poor oil quality, bad driving habit, low speed driving for a long time, poor air quality etc. The increased carbon deposit will heavily effect the vehicle performance, resulting in 90% of engine component failures, fuel consumption increased, excessive exhaust emission.


The cleaning methods of Combustion chamber

1. Inject the cleaning agent 

(1) open the injection cap and add a proper amount of cleaning agent to tighten the bottle cap.

(2) remove the spark plug of the automobile engine (the spark plug can also be cleaned with cleaner)

(3) the cleaning machine connects the air source, adjusts the pressure of the regulating valve to 2Kg/cm, adjusts the valve to the foaming position, and inserts the foam pipe into the combustion chamber from the spark plug mouth. Turn on the switch, the cleaning agent foam into the combustion chamber, can be filled, in turn each cylinder filled, immersion 5-10 minutes, (Do not wash in a long time, if necessary, there can be a secondary cleaning)

2. The recovery of Waste liquid  

(1) insert the return pipe into the bottom of the combustion chamber and transfer the valve to the recovery position, then the internal cleaning agent can be pulled back to the machine, each cylinder is carried out in turn, and the combustion chamber is blown dry with the air gun.

(2) the recovered waste liquid can be discharged by opening the drain valve in the side of the machine.

3. Cleaning up and restoring

(1) after the combustion chamber has been cleaned, it can be filled back to the spark plug and accessories.

(2) when engine inspection is started, the inspection should be stopped immediately if there is something unusual.